Every day I am getting more convinced some people are unable to understand each other, no matters which language they speak, what they really think.

And when one of this person is a teacher supposed to learn and listen well….. LA POZZZZZZZ………..


The financial issues…


I am getting crazy….

I understand we are professionals.

We should be able to collect data from the web, from financial sources, databases.

We shoud get in touch with each other and share our ideas, our thoughts and solutions.

But the question is: would it be possible just to have a univocal name?? Just the name, with no ambiguity!!! Otherwise we are here, hitting the dog in the hague (for not Italian people: this is the literal translation for an Italian proverb meaning: beating around the bush).


MBA… Te pozzzzzzzzz


Yes that’s right.

One of the main category of this blog will be about the MBA experience. The reason is as simple as intuitive: how many chances we had to pronounce “Te pozzzzzzzzzzzzz” during the course.

How many chances we had thinking of it while listening to our teachers, viewing at our assessments and dealing with each other.

Well, most likely the real beginning of it comes from this amazing experience.

Hello everybody!


Welcome to Tepozz.com website.

Tepozz is not just a website, it is not just a blog, it is a way of being, a way of feeling. Are u Italian? You will easily understand the meaning of its name. Otherwise you will soon get to it. But we are not in a hurry, are we?